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Shaping New Sonic Realms

Now that the Blightingales have taken flight and have been released upon an unsuspecting world, it is only natural to wonder what path to choose from the many that lie ahead.

First and foremost, we are looking to bring the Blight to those who have been touched in a direct and live manner. This will entail a thorough and wearisome undertaking of selection, where we will be searching for worthy fellows for our brotherhood, ones who will understand and resonate with our elegant approach. It will take time, yes, but for the complex, rich atmosphere we have in mind, there can be no compromise. After all, we only want the best for you.

During the long years we spent reshaping the old songs, many new meritorious ideas have sprung to mind, that could easily fit into at least one new full-length album. And then some.

But we will let them stir, boil and simmer in the cauldron for a while, during which we will attempt to add many various ingredients and approaches in the hope of extracting the most interesting results.

You should know that while we're doing this, we are constantly counting on your full aid and dedication.

We will welcome any helpful idea and form of support, be it in the shape of visual artwork, fascinating pursuits to engage the dark grievers in, new song lines and/or (re)arrangements, spreading the Blight, purchasing our works, Darken my Grief-related merchandise ideas or items, or even a good thought.

Anything that will help us reach more people, leave a greater mark on them, and generally improve our universe is vastly appreciated and shall be richly rewarded.

More details on all of the above will be unveiled soon.

Until then, please remember that we "speak in wounds, and not in hollow words!"

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