Dark Grievers

Welcome, darklings!

I feel it’s high time I let you in on the reason why you should really join the ranks of the Dark Grievers. Yes, that is what I decided to name those who will take enough interest to subscribe to our newsletter and, perhaps, get even more involved.

(Again, for the few who still don’t know, it can be done here: https://www.darkenmygrief.com/contact.)

Join the Dark Grievers!

Without further ado, I am trying to put together that kind of community that actually works (read: does something) to the benefit of the band they like and support. That means you get to have your ideas and creations put on display, as well as to good use through our channels (or even included in our work).

Imagine you dabble in drawing or painting, and some song or lyric of ours inspires you to create something that you deem fit to the band’s atmosphere. Just send it to us and we will feature it in our website gallery, Facebook page or other social media platforms. Perhaps we might even use it as an album concept artwork and reward