”Blightingales” have come!

Alas, the portents were true - the Blightingales are upon us! All crumbles, melts and fades, struck with illness and decay. The sound of doom within an album caught.

„Some will remember the darkness, others will learn to embrace it.

After the longest decade Blightingales have come.”

This is the omen prefacing the release of Darken my Grief's first true album, "Blightingales", nine songs of woe, melancholy and despair.

Darken my Grief - Blightingales

The toils were hard and lengthy, but help has come from fellows Jocke Wallgren (from a very well-known band - drums), Iuliana (Tiarra - cello), Corina (Tiarra - violin), Dan Swano (Unisound - mixtering), Tudor (ex-Tiarra - recordings), Vladimir (Pinholes - recordings), Adi "Bila" (Targ3t - reamping), Jorge (Bucovina - lending the bass guitar and advice), and thus it was carried out.

Metal riffs, crawling slow and doomy by your ears or soaring aggressively to grab you by the throat, are skillfully entwined with the sweetness of orchestral instruments and choirs, as growls are given respite at times by calm