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The left-handed guitarist of the band, and living proof that strong essences come in smaller packs, he brought much flavour to the musical context, perfectly filling the gaps with his waltzy-black metal, fast-shredded themes.



Claims to have inherited musical genes from his grandmother, who was a music teacher, as well as from imitating his father’s passion for the harmonica. As in many cases, it was Nothing Else Matters that was first tortured whilst trying to understand the twisted ways of guitar. But, as opposed to others who took the same path, the humble Metallica beginnings were soon followed by a correct Obituary’s ’Til Death, as well as a proper string placement for a lefty (thanks to Boke’s first bandmate, Sergiu, with whom he formed Caron, a cover band, back then).

Following a year of piano lessons, composing came naturally a few years later – circa 1994 – with Hedon (later reforged to Thristos as a one-man band), a group of some fame at the time.


Darken my Grief:

2002, Indigo tavern, Sibiu, Romania is the place where the spark first ignited. Perhaps, as is the case for many other rock and metal bands, bars are fitting places that provide fertile grounds where such mercurial art easily germinates.

Approached and swiftly introduced to the concept by Duddu, he instantly adhered to the musical universe that would soon come to be known as Darken my Grief. Great things would take shape in the wake of this collaboration, some already known, others still hidden behind the veils of creation’s mystery and magic.

Unpredicted success followed soon, but so did the sudden sundering of the band, leaving its members adrift and its followers wanting, since no official, properly-recorded album had been released, despite some attempts.

Boke states that some good things came from that, too: “After the disintegration of Darken my Grief, I found myself musically inactive for about two years. And, hoping to save as much as possible from that beautiful project, I became quite proficient in playing keyboards.”



Since 2010, Boke writes, growls and riffs for EvergreeD, together with the same Sergiu with whom he started his first band, Caron. He falls constantly in love with lefty Schecters, both 6-s and 7-s.


Recently, he was enthralled by the prospect of weaving back old sonic threads that have never really fully dissipated from mind. With the release of the album Blightingales, one that would light the path for the resurrection of Darken my Grief, he has high hopes that the stages in the people’s hearts will be taken over once more.

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