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Fragments of Us

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Some 10 years ago, Darken my Grief was – to quote a prominent figure of the local metal scene – the band that soared the highest, with the fewest means and in the shortest time ever, all that in spite of never having a professionally recorded audio material.

Darken my Grief was the beautiful melodic metal (or “grey metal”, as they called it) dream of five youngsters in Sibiu, Romania. Sadly, one that did not last long, though it was powerfully vivid, enchanting many a delicate spirit and spinning many memorable stories back in the day. (Remember when DmG thundered its way to the 1st place at a festival with only 3 of its band members performing on stage? Or that time when, instruments failing, they played metal a Capella and the crowd went nuts?)

Things have changed, though, as they always do, taking a turn towards a thick crossroads that had each member take his own path in life, a self-exile from the band.

Dust seemed to settle over it, as new songs and musical groups caught its former members in their whirling twists of inspiration.


But, alas, the embers have not all died down. The love and longing, constantly rekindled by those whose souls still carry the grey seeds of melancholy planted so long ago, have bloomed anew, bringing back the fire that was Darken my Grief as new passion to its core creators.

”A beautiful phoenix lying wings broken in the dirt” ever since the sundering, the band recently showed strong signs of resurrection by form of old songs newly reshaped and brought together under the sign of the “Blightingales”. Following a decade of respite and a journey of discovery and evolution, the first true audio release of the band finally sees well-deserved light.

Expect more than you once knew and perhaps loved. Piano, choirs, violin and cello, flute and whole orchestras complete sonically those thoughts on life - as well as the frailty, futility, origin and ending thereof - which the lyrics convey.

With a brand new face currently still shaping up, Darken my Grief is getting ready to reclaim its place in your hearts once more, only that this time it aims much higher and much farther.

As to what surprises the band has in store for you following the release of ”Blightingales”, gently strike the ”SUBSCRIBE” button to find out first when time comes!

Perhaps you would like to know more about...

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